What Does It Mean That God Shows No Partiality?

What Does It Mean That God Shows No Partiality

In this frequently asked question in the bible, we are going to give answer to the question: what does it mean that God shows no partiality?

We are going to begin answering this question by outlining the bible verse where we derive this question.

And from there we will move on to analyze Peter’s vision, as well as look at the ritually unclean animals.

As a matter of fact, this sermon can never be complete if we fail to look at who was Cornelius in the bible.

Bible verse about God shows no partiality.

Then Peter opened his mouth and said: “in truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. “But in every nation whosoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.

Acts 10:34-35.

What Does It Mean That God Shows No Partiality?

According to what peter says in Acts 10:34-35, as we can see above; God shows no partiality means that no matter whatever the religion you belong to, so long as you aim to do what God demands, you will be accepted by Him.

This means that God does not consider religion differences when dealing with human beings.

Ritually unclean animals.

According to the bible, there were certain animals that God forbade the Jews to eat.

These kinds of animals were termed as ritually uncleaned.

Peter’s vision.

But when Peter had a vision of a basket full of these ritually unclean animals, he was ordered to raise, kill and eat them.

And for three consecutive times, Peter refused to say as a Jew he was forbidden by God to eat a ritually unclean animal.

Immediately the vision went away, there were soldiers on Peter’s door who were sent by Cornelius to pick him up.

Who was Cornelius?

Cornelius was a high official in the government army who was very religious, even though he was not a Jew.

And because of his good deeds, God predestined him to be among the early converted Christians.

And Peter was assigned to teach him the ways of the new religion.

The highest point of the story is that on Peter’s return he also learned about the Gentiles who received the Holy Spirit, even without the official laying of hands.

So, therefore, considering his encounter with Cornelius, Peter made the speech that forms the word of God today on this blog.


The story of Peter and Cornelius we see in our FAQ today helps us to understand that Christians are not the only ones who will be saved.

And we can safely say that Christianity is not the only true religion.

Because true religion is anyone who does right in the sight of God.

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