The Meaning Of All Flesh Is Grass.

The Meaning Of All Flesh Is Grass.

The phrase ‘all flesh is grass” is derived from the Holy Bible which is a religious text used by Christians all over the world, and in this sermon we will aim to look a the meaning of all flesh is grass.

But before we do so it is very important to understand that this phrase is a metaphor used in the Bible to represent the fate of both the human flesh and the grass of the fields.

Human beings are born into this world where they feed on the grass of the fields until they eventuallyy also perish like the ame grass that provided thier source of livelihood on earth.

Without much ado, let’s get into the heart of this religious article so we can fully understand the meaning of all flesh is grass.

The meaning of all flesh is grass.

All flesh is grass means that human beings are going to perish someday because both flesh and grass are the products of the earth. This goes to say that human beings were made from the dust of the earth as recorded in Genesis 2:7, and plants are also sowed from the earth.

And for this reason, both creatures (grass and flesh) have a life cycle that eventually comes to a sudden but expected or inevitable end.

Now the simple ideology here is that both flesh and grass go through the process of birth and death, and even though their life duration varies, they must all experience both pangs of life and death.

It is a known fact that we must all go through the cycle of birth and death. Now after being born, human beings must eat in order to grow and it is most of the grass of the fields that serves as a source of food for the flesh, both that of animals and human beings.

However, in the context of this scripture, it is very important to note that the Bible was not making reference to animals but to human beings.

The scripture specifically shows us in Genesis 2:7 that God created human beings from the dust of the earth snd afterwards blew the breath of life into their nostrils before they became living souls.

This gies to say that human beings are made up of two elements which are the flesh and God’s breath of life, also known as the spirit.

From the illustration in the story of creation, human beings were non-living things after God made them from the dust of the earth; but immediately he blew the breath of life into their nostrils, they became living souls.

Thus, in the flesh form, human beings are perishable like the grass of the fields, and for this reason, their existence depends solely on their spiritual form.

So when we go to Ecclesiates 12:7, the Bible says that when a human being dies, the flesh reurns to the flesh from whence it came while the spirit returns to God who made it.

With the above understanding, we can therefore establish the fact that why the scripture really uses the phrase “all flesh is grass” is to remind human beings that they are one day gooing to leave their physical bodies and return to God in their spiritual form.

Who said all flesh is grass?

All flesh is grass was first said by the Hebrew Prophet Isaiah and is recorded in the Jewish Torah which later became the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Later on the Apostle Peter also confirmed the phrase in the New Testament of the Bible as we are going to see the reference in our next sub-heading below.

Where does the phrase All Flesh is Grass come from?

The phrase “all flesh is grass” comes from the Holy Bible and is recorded in the books of Isaiah 40:8 and 1 Peter 1:24. And they both say: “all flesh is as grass and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers and its flower falls away.

What does the metaphor All Flesh is Grass mean?

The metaphor “all flesh is grass” means that the same way that grasses in the field grows, withers and dies is the same way that human beings (being referred to as flesh in this context) must also grow, wither and die.

As we can all observe, during the rainy season, the flowers will come out and make the grass blossom. But when it’s dry season, the flowers will fall off and the grass will eventually die.

The flower here is likened to the glory of man which can be interpreted as his physical beauty manifested in good health, wealth, or material things he surrounds himself with.

Now what happens to the flowers is exactly what happens to us human beings. Because, that beauty and wealth as well as the very lives we live here on earth is for a short while and eventually we all die, and they all perish.

Note that the grass lasts but for a season, that is during the rain. And when the dry season comes it is gone.

This then makes its lifespan very short, and so does the human being’s.

For that reason, the next scripture uses vapor as the next metaphor to show how short human life is.

Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. (James 4:14)

Now let me take you to a deeper reality of this scripture.

You will always find out that when the grass withers and dries during the dry season, it will be revived again when the rain comes.

This shows the continuation of the human race. Because when the parents die their children carry their names along.

And sooner or later the children also die for their own children to carry their names along.

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