How To Be Rooted In The Word Of God.

How To Be Rooted In The Word Of God.

As Christians we understand the Holy Bible to be the wrd of God because it contains both the writings of those who were inspired by the Holy Spirit as well as the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as was witnessed by His disciples.

So when we talk about being rooted in the word of God, we are making reference on how one can really get to understand the the Bible and be able to apply it’s teachings to his own life and also help others to do so.

In this sermon therefore, I am going to show you how to be rooted in the word of God, and I pray the spirit of God that reveals every mystery to help you understand this sermon and apply it to your life.

What does it mean to be rooted in God?

To be rooted in How To Be Rooted In The Word Of God. that you have obeyed Jesus because you love Him and because of that He and the Father has come to make a home in your body as he promised in John 14:23.

How to be rooted in the word of God.

If you want to be rooted in the word of God, you must be able to study and understand as well as practice and preach the word of God to others.

Thus, the 3 ways to be rooted in the word of God are:

  1. Study and understand the word of God.
  2. Practice the word of God
  3. Teach the word of God to others.

1. Study and understand the word of God.

The word of God is shrouded in mysteries, so it is very erroneous to attempt to study and understand it in its literal form.

In Psalm 119:130, the Psalmist reveals that it is the explanation of the word of God that will bring understanding to the ignorant who studies it.

Jesus Christ Himself was always fond of using parables in his teachings, and parable simply means short stories used to illustrate moral or religious teachings. And when the disciples asked Him why he always did so in Mathew 13:10-17, He responded that it was so that people who did not believe in Him would would not understand His teachings.

In 2 Peter 1:20-21, the Bible says that the word of God never came by the will of men because those who wrote it it spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. And this scripture takes us back to John 14:26 where Jesus said that God is going to send an helper in His name who will teach his followers all things as well as remind them of all He said to them.

In 1 John 2:26-27, the writer warns the believers about those who will be out to deceive them, but reminds them that the anointing of the Holy Spirit they received lives in them and because of that they do not require anyone to teach them since it is the Holy Spirit Himself who will be teaching them all things.

How then can someone receive the Holy Spirit?

After the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles on the Pentecost day and they began t speak in tongues, those who were amazed by the act requested from Peter what one must do to receive the Holy Spirit and Peter responded in Acts 2:37-38:

“Repent and let everyone of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”.

2. Practice the word of God.

The Bible warns in James 1:22 that we should not be hearers of the word but doers because those who hear the word and fail to practice it are just deceiving themselves.

Once you are able to study and understand the word of God, it will be very easy for you to practice it.

In Psalm 119:34, the Psalmist begs God to explain His words for him to understand so he can practice it.

Now the easiest way to understand why it is important to know the true explanatio of God’s word is because of the hidden mysteries contained in it.

For example, when Jesus said in Mathew 17:20 that if you have faith as little as a mustard seed you will tell the mountain to move to yonder, the mountain He was referring to was not a literal mountain but rather those obstacles in life that makes it hard for you to move forward.

3. Teach the word of God to others.

The ability to teach the word of God to others is a proof that one is rooted in the word of God.

In Hebrews 5:11-14, the Biblical writer of the passage reveals that by now most of the believers would have become teachers but beause they are unable to practice the word of God they need someone else to teach them the first principles of Christianity.

He liken these kinds of believers to babies who require milk and not solid food to survive and further reveals that those who require solid food are those who have been able to discern good and evil by studying and practicing the word of God.

I personally observed that teaching the word of God to others will help you to gain more knowledge and understanding of the word of God through the things you will find yourself saying unconsciously.

And this happens because it is the Holy Spirit that sends those who go out to preach that speaks through them.

In Mathew 10:19, Jesus told His disciples that when they are handed over to the Jewish authorities they should not worry about what to say because they will be given what to say at that instance.

In Daniel 2:3, the scripture shows that those who turn others to the path of righteousness will shine forever like the stars.

Therefore, you must learn and adopt various methods of evangelism and go out there to make the word of God available to those who do not know it.