Biblical Definition Of Holiness.

Biblical Definition Of Holiness.

In our today’s short sermon, we are going to look at the biblical definition of the word holiness.

In Hebrews 12:14, the scripture calls upon every Christian to pursue peace and holiness because without it no one will be able to see God.

Pursue peace with all people, and holiness; without which no one will see the Lord;

Now knowing what peace means without any explanations, let us in this sermon look at the biblical definition of holiness.

What is holiness?

In 1 Peter 1:13-18, the scripture advises us not to conform our lives to the former lusts we were living while we were yet to repent.

And it concludes by saying that we should be holy as God is holy.

So from this understanding, we can define holiness as the ability to depart from a sinful life and become or live righteous unto God.

How to become holy.

To become holy, you must have the tendency of living above sin.

It’s unfortunate that so many Christians think that once they repent and follow Christ, they will be able to live above sin.

And this idea is the reason why a lot of them are not able to become holy as the scripture commands.

However, there are two ways to become holy.

One is constantly watching how our conscience reacts on any occasion.

That is to say, it accuses or defends us in any action we commit on a daily basis.

The second is to always repent and cry for forgiveness anytime we unintentionally offend God.


Beloved, becoming holy is very possible.

But it does not mean you will be perfect.

What it means is that you will always be conscious of the occasions of sin and respond to them as God wants you to.

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