Bible Verse Of The Day: March 30 2022.

Bible Verse Of The Day

Today is Wednesday, 30 of March in the year 2022, and our bible verse of the day will be taken from the book of Mathew 13:10.

Bible Verse.

And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?”

Mathew 13:10.


Definition of a parable.

First and foremost, let us get to define the term “parable”.

According to the dictionary, parable may be defined as a simple story that is used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.

I remember back in the Nursery we used to define a parable as an earthly story with an heavenly meaning.

And I still hold on to that definition till today.

The definition of a parable is not really what we should be after, rather; the most important question we should raise is why did Jesus spoke in parables?

Why Jesus Spoke in parables.

So many reason have been given by those who are learned in the bible about wjy Jesus spoke in parables, but I don’t seem to agree with most of those reasons.

Because I cannot see why Jesus who seeks for everyone to repent and be saved could use words, phrases or stories that is hard for people to understand.

But in Luke 8:9-10, Jesus reveals to the disciples that it is only given to them to understand the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God.

While to others, it is given in parables.

And all this means is that, before one could understand parables, that person must be willing and ready to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

However, it is also important to note that while Jesus was with the disciples and explained the parables to them, they still did not understand it.

Until after he ressurected, He opened their understanding so they could comprehend (understand) the scriptures (Luke 24:45).


Finally, as we can see, to have an understanding of the scriptures, you must be willing and ready to be the disciple of Jesus Christ.

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