Bible Verse Of The Day: March 18 2022.

Bible Verse Of The Day

Today is Friday, 18 of March in the year 2022, and our bible verse of the day will be taken from the book of Genesis 2:7.

Bible Verse.

in the beginning, the word was with God and the word was God.

John 1:1.


The scripture for our bible verse today shows us what was in the beginning with God – “The Word’.

Now since the Word was in the beginning with God what was it’s purpose; as in why was it even there?

Why the word was with God in the beginning.

Reading down the above chapter of the bible; we discover that it was by means of the Word that God created everything.

And if we go down to the beginning portion of the bible, we can see how God said; “let there be’ and the things He commanded came forth.

So therefore, the word is responsible for the art of creation; in other words God used the word in creating everything.

And as the scripture says in verse 3 of the above chapter, there was nothing that was made, that wasn’t made tby the power of the word.

Personification of the word.

In verse 14 of John chapter 1, we see how the scripture personifies the word by saying “and the word became flesh and dwelt among us”.

And a careful survey of the John chapter 1 reveals that it was Jesus Christ that this reference was being made to.

Therefore, we can state the following facts from the knowledge we have gained so far that:

  1. Jesus is the Word that was in the beginning with God.
  2. He was the one Who invented all that God created.
  3. And in due time, He came to dwell on earth with the highest point of His creation – mankind.

Jesus as the biblical word.

word of God

In John 5:39-40 Jesus told the Jews that they search the scriptures in the hope to have eternal life, but they are blind to discover that He is the One that the scripture speaks about.

And if we review the Old Testament, we will discover several places that it gave a pointer to Jesus Christ, either as the coming Messiah or the everlasting ruler of the universe.

You can read the sermon below to understand so much about who Jesus really is.

Who Is Jesus? Facts You Must Know.


In conclusion, Christians need to understand Jesus as the inventor of all the things we see here on earth, and even us humans.

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