Bible Verse Of The Day: August 21, 2022.

Bible Verse Of The Day

Today is Sunday, August 21, 2022, and our bible verse of the day will be taken from the book of 2 Samuel 12:13.

Bible Verse.

Then David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” Nathan replied, “The Lord has taken away your sin. You are not going to die.

Why did Nathan tell David that God has forgiven his sins and as such he is not going to die?

It is because when Nathan told David about the sin he committed, David did not try to find any justification for his actions.

Rather, he fell to the floor and began to weep for his sins.

In the New Testament, we see how Herod committed the same sin by killing his own brother and getting married to his wife.

And when John the Baptist made their sin known they plotted to kill him instead of repent of their sins.

So many of us are so quick to find justification for our sinful actions, instead of realizing our faults and going back to God to seek forgiveness.

We usually conclude that every human being has weaknesses and no man is perfect, as we continue to indulge in whatever sin we love to commit.

But what is going to befall us at the end is doom and death, for the Bible says that the should that sinneth must die.


Pray and ask God for the forgiveness of that sin you love to commit so much and resolve not to do it again.

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