Bible Verse Of The Day: April 21 2022.

Bible Verse Of The Day

Today is Tuesday, the 21 day of April in the year 2022, and our bible verse of the day will be taken from the book of Acts 9:40.

Scriptural text:

But Peter put them all out, and knelt down and prayed. And turning to the body he said, “Tabitha, arise.” And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up.

Acts 9:40.


Tabitha’s story shows her to be a very good woman who used to charitable and good deeds.

The story has it that at a point in time this woman died, and instead of dumping her in the morgue; they dressed her and laid her corpse on the bed.

Since this people did not want to loose this good woman, they had to send people to call the disciples to come and bring her back to life.

And when Peter arrived there, he saw more than enough that moved him with pity to perform the miracle.

The widows she made clothes for for free were all there showing those things she did for them.

Because of the evidence of these good deeds, the Holy Spirit which was at work in Peter had to bring Tabitha back to life.

Beloved of God, our bible verse for today has revealed to us how good works and charitable deeds can save us from the power of death.

Because when we are good to people, there is nothing that will make them want to loose us.

Our good works and charitable deeds will make people bless us and that is more than enough to give us long life here on earth.

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